Vanilla Honey

Considering how much work and effort goes into the natural making of honey it is only fitting to use the two most special of flavourings in the world.

Vanilla Honey

Vanilla Honey is flavoured with natural vanilla extract concentrate and has a floral taste.

Enjoy as you would normally use it in hot and cold drinks and foods with the exception that it has married the world’s most favourite flavour-vanilla.

Vanilla Honey Saffron

The Saffron Honey contains a real saffron flower and spice strands that are so prized. The Saffron is Iranian. Taste is hard to explain.

Awesome over cheese and drizzle over hot vegetables.

As south Africans are in general not used to Saffron this is the ideal product to familiarise with it and possibly use the spice in its neat form in cooking in the future.

(Vanilla Man will stock Saffron for this purpose- Please contact us)
Watch us for new Saffron products in the future.


As topping over ice cream, pancakes, milkshakes, fruit salad, cereal, soft cheeses such as Brie or Camembert.

 vanillaman honey
 vanillaman saffron honey

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