Cooking tips

cooking tips

Please note:

The raw Vanilla (powder, seeds and pods) has to be heated to release the flavor.

Try not to use excessive heat in recipe unless it calls for, but in general a better quality flavor will be present in a dish if vanilla is added in final cooking or cooling down fase of dish.

The liquid vanilla’s (paste, alcohol free and extract) can be added directly to cold dishes or to yoghurts, smoothies, fresh fruits ext. These can be use for cold application to dishes as well as hot as the flavor of the vanilla bean is suspended in the liquid and is instantaneously released.

Outer husk can be included for stronger flavor.

Husks can also be re-used if it has not been expose to dairy in previous cooking.

Interesting “weird” uses for Vanilla:

• Extract can be used as a “perfume” which will assist suppression of a chocolate craving.
• Fishermen wash their hands in extract water to remove the fish odor.
• A Vanilla pod can be placed in a heating tray of the oven at low heat for a lovely lingering sent of Vanilla in the house.
• Extract can be poured into paint before painting to mask the fresh paint odor.
• Husks can be placed in the car glove compartment as a car freshener.

Cooking Measurement Equivalents Table

1 tsp essence1 vanilla pod of 15cm (the size of a writing pen)
1 tsp essence½ Vanilla Man Extract
1 tsp essence1 tsp Vanilla Man Paste
1 tsp essence1 flat tsp Vanilla Man Powder
1 tsp essenceSame volume Vanilla Man seeds as a chickpea
1 tsp essence½ Vanilla Man Alcohol Free Extract