Vanillaman - Forrest

Vanilla Forrest

Vanillaman - Earth

Vanilla Earth

Vanillaman - Mist

Vanilla Mist

Vanillaman Salts

Vanilla man is proud to present its new salt based spice range.
The range of 3 has a base of vanilla powder and salt with an unusual spice added.

Vanilla Forrest
Vanilla Forrest consist of: Vanilla powder, salt and Green peppercorn powder
A delicious but piquant flavour

Vanilla Earth
Vanilla Earth consist of: Vanilla powder, salt and sumac powder
A light tangy vanilla flavour

Vanilla Mist
Vanilla Mist consist of: Vanilla powder, salt and Baobab powder
A delicate fruity lemon flavour

Green peppercorns are the black peppercorns as we know it accept that the fruit is unripe which gives its green colour and it is then dried and powdered.

Sumac is the fruit of a shrub that is found throughout the world sub tropical and temperate regions. Including Africa. The fruits are dried and powdered. Extensively used in Morocco, Egypt and Middle East.

Baobab powder is the dried pulp or sponge that is found in the baobab fruit casing. This is powdered and is considered as Africa's Super Fruit. Very high in Vitamin C, Potassium, Calcium ext. These trees grow hundreds of years old and it's only found naturally in Africa and Australia. All Baobab powder is manufactured from existing natural growing trees. (Not cultivated) this is due to the time spam of the trees growth before it fruits. All Baobab powder is organic by nature.


All 3 spices can be used in similar applications namely:
As a sprinkling over salads, gives a new dimension to all vegetables especially green vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli and green beans. Delicious as a fish spice for grilling. Chicken flavour is transformed in roasts and grills. Sumac is used in the Middle East in ground meats.

Proud to be local:

The best part of this salt spice range however is the fact that 3 companies on the West Coast of South Africa has been involved in the production of this “local” product. Vanilla Man is based in Langebaan and uses a local Salt that is harvested on the Berg River Estuary. The labels are produced in Vredenburg.


The ingredients is as far as possible organic (Some companies do produce organic products but it’s not financially viable to have it certified) it is also Halaal and the Salt we add is certified fair trade. The salt is also non iodized.

Thank you

When purchasing these products you touch the lives directly of 31 employees. Excluding the shops that sell it. Fishing is rapidly declining to be the main income for West Coast families and alternatives have to be found.